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Glimpses into TIME SCALE progress

Integrating equipment into the Modular Test Bed

The finished Modular Test Bed with all the integrated hardware components will be used for plant cultivation experiments for ground testing of the TIME SCALE equipment. The Modular Test Bed and its breadboard equipment is made of standard industrial equipment, but designed so that it can be upgraded to a future flight scenario. December 12, 2017.


Breadboard version of Plant Cultivation Chamber

The Plant Cultivation Chamber is the TIME SCALE hardware module in which plants are to be cultivated. The breadboard itself is a prototype construction of the TIME SCALE hardware that will be used for ground-testing to provide results and experience for further refinement of flight versions and hardware for future regenerative life support systems in space. December 5, 2017.


Completed concept and design of algae photobioreactor for EMCS

An algae photobioreactor concept and two detailed designs illustrate algae future possibilities for algae cultivation and experiments. The first design allows for algae research related for life support systems under Space conditions. The other design emphasizes on more fundamental biological research on algae cells and colonies. May 9, 2017.


A step closer automated monitoring of nutrient levels

How can you monitor the composition of the nutrient solution that is fed to the plants? With automatic calibration and samling? A prototype offers measurement of individual nutrient components in real-time. February 20, 2017.