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Scientific presentations and publications

The TIME SCALE project, as presented by EU Research in their Spring 2018 issue. English article in EU Research.

Scientific paper and poster presentation at the 11th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, January 2018: "Robust Plant Segmentation from Challenging Background with a Multiband Acquisition and a Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm".

The auto calibrating, auto sampling CleanGrow ion-sensor won the first prize in the Food & Drink category of Royal Society of Chemistry’s Emerging Technologies Competition 2017.

The Laboratory of Functional Plant Biology at Ghent University ​conducts research towards food and nutritional security. English article in Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal.

Discussion panel at the ESA Space for Inspiration meeting, September 2016: "TIME SCALE - Space technology for Earth applications".

Oral presentation at the MELISSA workshop, June 2016: "TIME SCALE - A novel crop cultivation system for the EMCS".

Poster presentation at the 4th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, December 2016: "Plant health monitoring using multispectral imaging and volatile analysis for space and terrestrial applications".

Planned, oral presentation at the COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July/August 2016: "TIME SCALE - A new generation of space experiments".

Oral and poster presentation at the 7th International AgroSpace Workshop, May 2016: "Improved cultivation system for future life science experiments on ISS: Development of modular test-bed".

General poster presentation of the TIME SCALE project, March 2016.

The Horizon 2020 EU project TIME SCALE conducts research towards future space missions and sustainable food production on Earth. English article in Science & Technology.