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TIME SCALE objectives

The TIME SCALE project will

  • develop an advanced life support system concept to allow life science research and technology demonstrations under fractional gravity conditions. This will contribute to Closed Regenerative Life Support Systems (CRLLS) for future space exploration. The work will be based on the existing EMCS on ISS.
  • develop an EMCS rotor concept to allow integration of CRLSS compartments such as for higher plants (crops) and algae.
  • develop a crop cultivation system concept and an algae photobioreactor concept for EMCS.
  • design a crop cultivation system with a closed water and nutrient management system and state of the art plant health monitoring.
  • develop a crop cultivation system breadboard to demonstrate operational capability for ISS. This breadboard system will emphasize on the plant cultivation chamber and water and nutrient management for EMCS on ISS.
  • develop a modular test-bed including ground support equipment for ground testing.
  • validate the crop cultivation system breadboard using the modular test-bed.
  • gain new knowledge and innovative technology for water and nutrient management and plant health monitoring with relevant application for space and terrestrial applications.
According to ESA, the next giant leap could be an international collaboration in the form of a Moon village - a permanent lunar base for science, business, tourism or even mining. In such a scenario, plant-based food production and life support systems will key elements. Illustration: ESA.