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Integrating equipment into the Modular Test Bed

DTM Technologies are integrating the different TIME SCALE hardware components into the Modular Test Bed. The finished product will be used for ground testing and plant cultivation to demonstrate operational capabilities of the TIME SCALE equipment.

TIME SCALE develops a breadboard; a prototype for demonstrating operational capability of the TIME SCALE hardware for plant cultivation. DTM designs and tests the project’s Modular Test Bed. The test bed is a ground-support equipment with mechanical and electronical interfaces for the different hardware modules, such as the Water and Nutrient Management system and the Crop Cultivation System. In addition to the mechanical and electronical infrastructure, the test bed will provide electronics and software controllers to operate the plant cultivation experiments.

The ground-testing will provide important results and experience for further refinement of flight versions of TIME SCALE equipment, and for use in future regenerative life support systems in space. The TIME SCALE Modular Test Bed and its breadboard equipment is made of standard industrial equipment, but designed so that it can be upgraded to a future flight scenario.


After the different TIME SCALE parts are integrated into the Modular Test Bed, the equipment will be shipped to CIRiS, NTNU Social Research in Norway for life testing with cultivation of plants.

The Modular Test Bed under construction and assembly at DTM Technologies in Italy. Photo: TIME SCALE.



December 12, 2017