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Plant Cultivation Chamber and technical coordination

Prototech is the technical coordinator of the TIME SCALE project and develops a Plant Cultivation Chamber for ground-testing of improved EMCS hardware.

Prototech, a medium-sized company located in Bergen, Norway, specializes in developing prototypes. The company provides technology development, engineering, product design and manufacturing services covering areas such as space applications, new energy systems and offshore technology. Prototech has previously developed cultivation chambers for the European Modular Cultivation System (EMCS) on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Technical coordination and development of Plant Cultivation Chamber

In TIME SCALE, Prototech coordinates the engineering of the EMCS Crop Cultivation System, an assembly of several modules such as the Plant Cultivation Chamber, the Water and Nutrient Management System and the Plant Health Monitoring System.


Additionally, Prototech develops the Plant Cultivation Chamber for the EMCS breadboard. The breadboard is a prototype construction that will be built as part of TIME SCALE to demonstrate operational capability of improved EMCS hardware. This ground-testing will provide important results and experience for further refinement of flight versions of improved EMCS hardware, and for such hardware used in future regenerative life support systems in space.