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Take your student project to zero gravity!

The TIME SCALE project encourages students to participate in space research. One possibility is through ESA's Fly Your Thesis! program, offering to take students and their science projects to microgravity conditions.

The TIME SCALE project contributes to market this possibility, and invites European students to a student competition writing an outline of a Fly Your Thesis! application. The student group with the best outline will receive help from the TIME SCALE project consortium to complete their full application for a parabolic flight, and the possibility to conduct space-related research under microgravity conditions.

ESA Fly your thesis! program

Through their Fly Your Thesis! program, the European Space Agency (ESA) offers master and PhD students the possibility of taking their scientific experiments or technological research to microgravity conditions, on board the Airbus Zero-G airplane for parabolic flights. Experiments can be related to a broad range of topics, including biology, physics, chemistry and material sciences.


Important information from ESA on the Fly Your Thesis! program:

2016 Fly your thesis! campaign

During the 2016 Fly Your Thesis! campaign, four groups of postgraduate students flew their experiments, spanning from dust movements to phase changes. Visit ESA's web-pages for a look at their their experiments and experiences.

Let you inspire to participate in the next Fly Your Thesis! campaign and apply for help from the TIME SCALE consortium on your way.

The student teams of ESA's Fly Your Thesis! 2016 campaign. Photo: ESA.


January 18, 2017, updated April 19, 2017